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Max Polyakov’s Association Noosphere and its Social Initiatives

November 28, 2017

Max Polyakov is encouraged by one main idea - to search for new knowledge and share it with everyone through social initiatives.

Vernadsky Challenge via Facebook

Image credit: Vernadsky Challenge via Facebook

During BestRoboFest in June 2017, Dnipro’s Meteor Sport Complex became a meeting place for robots and their owners from all over Ukraine - 187 robot models were demonstrated by young engineers for over 10 000 attendees at this technology and innovation festival.

The co-founder of hosting Association Noosphere, Max Polyakov, was glad to see that many young engineers, creators of robots and rockets came to the event with their creations. This time the festival was oriented on the youth, to inspire them to show off their engineering skills.

As Max Polyakov said, the main goal of BestRoboFest is to promote the American maker movement with its science, art, engineering and crafts approach, here in Ukraine. And who knows, maybe the young engineers, who participated in BestRoboFest will soon become the leaders of Ukrainian industry.

Vernadsky Challenge via Facebook

Image credit: Vernadsky Challenge via Facebook

But, this festival is only the beginning. For those who believe in their engineering dream, the Vernadsky Challenge will help them to take it to the higher level. The startup battle, the Vernadsky Challenge, was the idea of Max Polyakov, managing partner of Noosphere Ventures. This contest gives a great opportunity for talented engineers to develop their ideas with the help of grant funding and technical support from Noosphere Ventures.

These are just two of several social initiatives which have been supported by Max Polyakov over the years. For example, this year in February, he also signed an official agreement between Noosphere Ventures and the FAI (World Air Sports Federation). From now on, Noosphere Ventures is the global technical partner of the FAI and will provide all the necessary technological updates for this institution.

This partnership has already had some successes - the innovation competition, “Best Device for FAI’ was organized in May by Association Noosphere. The main idea of the tournament was to increase the accuracy and transparency for scoring ballooning competitions, one of the most popular kind of air sports. The winners of this tournament are now improving their solutions for the upcoming FAI Ballooning Contest.

Also, Max Polyakov is a true enthusiast of amateur rocketry. He has already supported several events including the 2016 FAI World Championships for Space Models. During this event, representatives of the Noosphere Engineering School did so well that they became honored guests at TARC, 2017 Team America Rocketry Challenge.

Besides the rocketry, Association Noosphere has also organized the NASA Space Apps Challenge. This hackathon was hosted in Dnipro for the first time. It allows young technologists, scientists, and coders to participate in a contest for creating world-changing solutions. At this year’s event, a team from Ukraine won the Award of People's Choice. Their project was dedicated to the design of innovation hubs for a global network which mimic the size and supplies available on an orbital station.

As we see, Max Polyakov is encouraged with one main idea - to search for new knowledge and to share it with everyone. And this is a truly high goal, isn’t it?




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